step by step - participation guide for projects

1. Follow us on social media to gather information
a) about upcoming projects be up is involved in and
b) for which projects we are trying to find participants.

2. If you like a project contact us and let us know which project
you would like to join.

3. If there are places available, you're in. It's that simple.

4. Erasmus+ provides a specific budget that usually covers
travel expenses up to 100%. The allocated travel budget
varies depending on the destination distance and project.

5. Food, accommodation and activities directly related to the project
are financially covered by Erasmus+.


- In order to participate in our projects you need to be in
possession of an 'European Health Insurance Card' or any likewise
insurance card. If you do not own insurance covering temporary
transnational stays, that gives access to medically necessary,
state-provided healthcare, we can help you gather information.

- In the event of an illness/ accident during the project, the further
course will be coordinated with those affected depending on the
situation and severity. The focus is on the well-being of the participants.
Costs in the event of such caused, premature departure will be
reimbursed as best as possible.

- In order to be able to take part in a project, travel expenses must
be paid in advance by participants. Your costs will be reimbursed,
provided that the planned budget is adhered to. All you have to do
is send us the invoices for the tickets from the trip (outward/return
journey to/from the project location). The refund can take between
1 and 3 months. For detailed travel budget information, click the
button below and search for 'Budget Allocation'.

- Of course, costs can only be reimbursed if participation in the
project actually took place. In the event of a cancellation, we
recommend purchasing travel insurance.

- Certain activities within the course of a project can be optional.
This means that their costs are not covered. In such a case, such
activities will be explicitly pointed out in advance.

- Costs for independent activities in free time during a project are
to be borne by the participants themselves.

Erasmus+ Programme Guide