mission statement

It lies within the highest interest of be up, that

- we enable possibilities to anyone desiring to participate in our projects.
- we treat all possible participants with the same respect and dignity.
- we ensure a safe and friendly environment for everyone.
- people regardless of their sex, gender, skin color, culture, disabilities,
religious beliefs, monetary opportunities, country of origin, mother tongue
or other differences have equal possibilities taking part in our projects.
- we actively look for participants who have never taken part in youth
exchanges, who have never / seldom been abroad, who are confronted
with topics they identify with / new topics in the course of the project,
who want to improve their English and skills in general
& for whom youth exchanges mean new territory of experience.

Building up on the aspects above ...

- making friends, expanding horizons, self growth, self empowerment,
awareness for sense of community through intercultural exchange,
inclusion, acceptance of one another & understanding of people's diversity

... are outcomes we strive to achieve.

At the end of the day having a good time together is what matters most.
Even more so if short term impressions can be turned into long term learnings
and strangers becoming friends.

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