founder buddies

We got to know each other through University back in 2018.
With sport as our passion we fantasized about travelling and
found common ground concerning future plans after experiencing
our first encounters with the Erasmus+ program.

We decided to launch our own NGO
to spread word about the necessity of an open-minded view
on a sense of community based upon diversity.


Bachelor of Education with the subjects Geography and Sports
UEFA- B-License

What I like
music, kind people, mother nature, outdoor activities, honesty, skiing,
hiking & climbing, football, meeting friends, camping, swimming


It´s not about giving the life more years, it´s about giving the
years more life.


Bachelor Sport Science
Degree Photography and audivisual media

What I like
climbing, crafting (literally anything), spending time outside, adventures,
meeting people from all over the place, muuuuuusic


no risk, no risk. no fun, NO FUN.

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